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Adrienne is the founder and director of Beautiful Teaching, LLC which produces the Classical Education Podcast. Her expertise is in collaborating and guiding new, and established schools in classical curriculum and professional development. She has worked as the Classical Education Advisor for the K-12 Curriculum and Professional Development Project at the University of Dallas and  served as the Director of Classical Methods for Responsive Education Solutions. In both roles, Adrienne has collaborated with districts, boards, school leaders, and thousands of teachers, helping nearly 30 schools transition to a classical model.  She has led teams creating classical professional development, leading parent education workshops, and writing customized educational materials that promote a strong virtue-based humanities curriculum for K-12 schools. 

She specializes in coaching and transitioning schools into the liberal arts tradition; K-8 classical curriculum development; Charlotte Mason pedagogy; Trivium-Based Lesson Planning, classical charter schools; Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant education; Homeschooling.

Adrienne has been married to Brian for 31 years. They are the proud and active grandparents of seven. In her spare time, she works part-time as a Classical Pedagogy and Curriculum Specialist for Coram Deo Academies in DFW. 

This podcast is produced by Beautiful Teaching.


We exist for the benefit of both parents and teachers. Teaching is an art and teachers need opportunities to cultivate their craft. Parents need to feel confident that their children are receiving the best education possible. Therefore, our goals are to help parents make well-informed decisions about the education of their children, and to help teachers experience true joy in their vocation. We desire to bridge a large gap that currently exists between most classical schools and the parents who send their students to these schools. 

Immersing both parents and teachers into the beauty of good teaching is paramount to our goals! Our formative sessions are designed to be LIVE so that you can experience classical education through participating and doing. This is what is expected in classical education. In order to mentor you well, we invite you to participate for a full classical experience. Our online sessions assume modeling, imitation, and meaningful conversation as the basis of experiencing good teaching. 


If you like our podcast, you will love our online sessions! We offer immersion sessions so you can experience classical pedagogy. A complete listing of our courses is at

Becoming an effective educator requires participation and doing, not merely listening to the ideals of a theory being talked about. Experiencing the labor of thinking, speaking, and asking questions is non-negotiable for a real classical experience. For this reason our courses are LIVE and not recorded. Participation is paramount to a true classical education.


The teachers at Saint Patrick Orthodox School greatly benefited from a professional development conference led by Adrienne this past summer. In her presentations, Adrienne struck just the right balance between philosophy inspired by Classical Charlotte Mason and practical workshops on narration, journaling, and Socratic seminars, to name a few. She deftly tailored the topics to meet the needs of our new Orthodox Christian Parish School. Adrienne also advised us on curriculum and provided many helpful resources for lesson planning and scope and sequence development. - Father Patrick Cardine


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"And clustered there with wings outspread I saw more than a thousand Angels jubilant, and each distinct in splendor and in speed; while smiling down upon their sports and songs a Beauty I beheld, who was the joy within the eyes of all the other Saints. And even if I in utterance were as rich as in imagination, I ’d not dare attempt to tell the least of its delight." 

 - Dante, Paradiso 31.133-38, trans. Langdon