"Kiernan and Ben are knowledgeable and engaging individuals with much to share.  Both shared relevant and easy to incorporate strategies that our faculty can immediately implement in order to enhance the classical education classroom." - Diane Price, Principle, St Joseph Catholic School, Arlington, TX

"You will learn things that you didn't know you didn't know. You will also be glad that they are not recorded, it forces you to be present in more ways than one."- Online Student for Immersion Sessions

"As a lifelong learner and homeschool mom, these wonderful classes feed and nurture the soul. Great discussions and opportunities to learn and grow!"- Online Student for Immersion Sessions

Adrienne Freas provided professional development for the lower school faculty at my school on mimetic teaching which was insightful and formative, guiding teachers in a supportive presentation which was met with excellent reviews. Her presentation and content was welcomed as genuinely Charlotte Mason classical, which is not always easy to obtain. Adrienne's passion for teaching, and her excellent understanding of the methodology is a much-needed resource as Classical schools continue to develop."- Peach Smith, Koinonia Academy, New Jersey

Consulting and Professional Development

Meet our professional team. Collectively we have experts in the Liberal Arts for both classical homeschooling and classroom instruction. Our experiences range in many classical school models, from classical charters to private Christian including, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox. We bring practical solutions to the beauty of classical education! 

Adrienne Freas

Specializing in Helping Schools Transition to a Classical Model, Curriculum Design and Classical Pedagogy 

Kiernan Fiore

Specializing in K-12 Leadership for Title 1 Classical Charter Schools,  Catholic Education,  Curriculum Maps, Philosophy of Ed, and Virtue-Based Lesson Planning

Karen Glass

Specializing in Charlotte Mason's Principles and Pedagogy, Narration, and Homeschooling

Dr. Reno Lauro

Specializing in School Leadership, Socratic Teaching & Seminars, Humane Letters, Teaching Highschool History Classically, and Classroom Management

Mariah Martinez

Specializing in Public Charter Schools 6-12 grades, Socratic Discussions, Mechanics of Grammar, Mimetic Writing (Progymnasmata), Narration in Upper Schools, Classical Curriculum Design

Ben Lyda

Specializing in New School Start Ups, K-12 Pedagogy, Highschool Humanities,  Classical Writing through Narration & the Progymnasmata, and Drama & Shakespeare 

Peach Smith

Specializing in Catholic Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, School Transitions to a Classical Model, Curriculum Design, Teaching History, Science, the Arts, Special Education, and Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning.

Lindsey Benda

Specializing in Philosophy of Ed, K-5 Traditional Classical, Charlotte Mason Pedagogy, Habit Training for Classroom Management in the Grammar Classroom,  & Homeschooling

Trae Bailey

Specializing in Teaching History and Literature, Humanities, Senior Thesis, Catholic Education, and Educating Boys

Dr. Steven Mittwede

Specializing in K-12 Science: Teaching and Curriculum Development for Classical Schools, Teaching Bible and Theology 

Mark Signorelli

Specializing in 6-12  humanities, poetry, and classical writing. He currently writes at his own website, The Classical Corner. 


Consulting in Classical Education Philosophy & Pedagogy 


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