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Beautiful Teaching

 Consulting in Classical Education Philosophy & Pedagogy

Immersion courses, seminar led book studies, and comprehensive support for K-12 Classical Educators.


We believe that teaching is an art and that teachers need to be formed in their craft. 

Our goal is to immerse you into the beauty of good teaching! Our formative sessions are designed to be LIVE so that you can experience classical education through participating and doing. This is what is expected in classical education. In order to mentor you well, we need you to participate for a full classical experience.


Sessions are not recorded as a "watch now, pay later format."

We are not here to lecture at you. We are here to walk alongside you!


For all online sessions, we will provide a certificate of professional development completion upon request. 

"Thou hast set my feet in a large room; should be the glad cry of every intelligent soul". 

- Charlotte Mason

2023 Winter/Spring Courses

Karen Glass: Book Studies

Adrienne Freas: Immersion & Parent Sessions

Lindsey Pederson:  Immersion Sessions

Dr. Reno Lauro: Immersion Sessions

Kiernan Fiore:  Immersion Sessions

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