Highlights of Some Featured Guests

Interview with Dr. Vigen Guroian on his second edition, newly released Tending the Heart of Virtue: How Classic Stories Awaken a Child's Moral Imagination. Subscribe and listen here

Interview with Chris Hall on The Common Arts.

Interviewing Dr. Matthew Post on Platonic beauty.  Dr. Post wrote a wonderful article on teaching beauty titled, The Ear of the Beholder: Hearing the Soul.  

Interviewing Professor Carol on music education at home and in school. What can parents do at home to support classical education. 

Interviewing Dr. Joshua Gibbs on teaching classically and the love of coffee. A bonus episode on teaching The Little Prince is available for our supporters on our Patreon Page

Interviewed Karen Glass on the importance of reading Norms & Nobility by David Hicks. Click here to listen and subscribe. 

Interviewed three dynamic women who started Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool co-ops. Click here to listen and subscribe. 

Interviewing Dr. Steve Mittwede, our resident classical science teacher on how to teach science classically. For more lectures by Dr. Mittwede, visit this link. 

Interviewed Dr. David Rose and Dr. Lawrence Reed on Civics and Economics for Hearts and Minds