Classical Education is a podcast for those who believe in rediscovering the art of asking questions, engaging in conversation, and attending to the ideas at the heart of well-ordered teaching and learning. 

Podcast Goals


Inspiring educators and parents that a classical education done well can and should influence their children toward choosing a life of virtue. 


Igniting an interest and passion for the beauty of classical education. 


Encouraging educators in the practical implementation of a classical pedagogy.


Pointing educators back to the art of teaching.  

 "The final result of the education I want you to give your children will be,  in a few words, this. They will know what it is to see the sky. They will know what it is to breathe it. And they will know, best of all, What it is to behave under it, as in the presence of a father who is in heaven."- John Ruskin, Educator & Artist