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Why Does it Matter?

Charlotte Mason, a 19th century British educator once appealed to her people to look back to the liberal arts tradition while embracing the positive aspects of new scientific discoveries. She challenged her nation to consider the classical tradition while moving forward in scientific discoveries

"The evolution of educational thought is like the incoming of the tide. The wave comes and the wave goes and you hardly know whether you are watching ebb or flow; but let an hour elapse and then judge. After all allowances for ebb and flow, for failure here and mistake there, truer educational thought must of necessity result in an output of more worthy character."

In American Education we have let the "hour elapse" and we see the failures and mistakes! Many parents and educators are looking for a solution! At this time, while public education struggles to achieve what teachers and parents expect, we hope to re-energize the classroom in the tradition of classical education.


We exist for the benefit of both parents and teachers. Teaching is an art and teachers need opportunities to cultivate their craft. Parents need to feel confident that their children are receiving the best education possible. Therefore, our goals are to help parents make well-informed decisions about the education of their children, and to help teachers experience true joy in their vocation. We desire to bridge a large gap that currently exists between most classical schools and the parents who send their students to these schools. 

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